Ops Med PSC has a dedicated operational planning team that will assist our Clients to generate a professional Operational Healthcare Support Plan that is cost effective and with minimum risks involved. These plans include, but not limited to Risk Assessments, Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERP), Evacuations (Land & Air), Primary Healthcare & Trauma Services, Replenishment & Logistical Support, Patient Administration, Training & Lectures and more. Our Proposals also include the best options, coupled to a financial implication per option, for the client to choose from to meet their specific requirements and within their allocated Budget.

Management Services

  • Project Management. Ops Med PSC has highly qualified and experienced Project Managers that are experts in Healthcare and related professions. All our identified managers are Military Veterans and therefore are highly skilled and capable of managing any project, no matter the circumstances.

  • Command & Control. Ops Med PSC has got the capability to manage and staff a Command & Control Centre (Ops Room) for any Project that will include Project related management tools and administration, communication networks, emergency and incident management procedures and security coordination.

Information Management. Because intelligence is a vital component in any project or operation, Ops Med PSC has qualified Information gathering and analysis operatives to assist in the continuous threat analysis process, with special reference to Healthcare and Security Threats. 

Healthcare Professionals

Ops Med PSC has a Database of over 500 Healthcare Professionals from all Healthcare Professions that include Doctors, Nursing Staff, Trauma Specialists, Paramedics, Oil & Gas Qualified Healthcare Professionals, Dentists, HSE Professionals, and more. Most of these members are ex-Military Health Professionals.

The provision of Healthcare Services also requires specialised support services and Ops Med PSC employs experienced and qualified members in these fields, services such as Medical Log, IT Support, Patient Administration, Secure Communication Systems, and many more.

Support Services

  • HR Support.  Because Ops Med PSC values our Employees as our biggest asset, we strive to support our employees in the best manner possible that includes career & self-development, qualification & professional registration monitoring, leave rotations, etc. Ops Med PSC also assist clients and our employees in pre-deployment administration that includes:

  • Police Clearances (New and Renewals).

  • Fit to Work Medical Certificates.

  • Immunisations.

  • COVID-19 and other relevant Certificates.

  • Obtaining of Blood Stamps (Iraq Deployments).

  • Support with Travel Arrangements.

  • Personal Files and all Paperwork, including Will and Testaments.

  • Advances up to USD 200.00 for initial employment.

  • Personnel in the Field. The personnel data base of Ops Med PSC is of such a nature that the Company can recruit and prepare the most suitable and qualified personnel to be ready for deployment at very short notice. Relief personnel for our deployed personnel will be on standby to ensure the flow of medical operations in the field is in no way hampered due to personnel on leave or for any other reason. All the Teams in the field will consistently remain at full strength in accordance with the requirements for the task at hand. Proper handing and taking over scheduling will be incorporated to ensure that an effective overlap between incoming and outgoing personnel takes place. Wherever specific specialized medical personnel are needed for short periods the Company will also be able to provide these personnel too.

  • Patient Administration. It is important for Ops Med PSC to monitor and follow-up on our patients and therefore we have a patient administration capability to monitor and manage this function.

  • Financial Support.  To ensure the sound management of our Finances and Budget, we employ qualified and dedicated members to manage the financial aspects of all projects, with oversight by management.

  • Logistical Support.  Ops Med PSC recognizes that Logistical Support and Asset Management is a critical success factor for any project and therefore we only employ highly experienced members in this field, especially when it comes to Medication and replenishment thereof. Ops Med PSC can also provide basic medical requirements such as · Complete TIER I & II Medical Bags with Equipment, Medication and Drugs · Team Leader Medical Bags - FPos(i) · Vehicle First Aid Kits · Personal Medical Kits.

Clinic Facilities

  • Super Clinic. Ops Med PSC recognises the fact that certain projects necessitate the establishment of a Super Clinic that will act as over-night facility for Medical Repatriation Medivacs. These Clinics will also normally be deployed in areas of high density of population and in High Healthcare Risk areas. The trauma facility in these Clinics are equipped to attend to from minor to triage situations and includes a well organised evacuation capability (land & air).

  • Base Clinic. These facilities are deployed in low risk areas but where Primary Healthcare is a requirement. Obviously, these facilities also have a limited but still effective trauma facility with an evacuation capability.

  • Basic Field Clinic. This is a typical facility that is deployed in a rural environment where minimum but adequate healthcare capabilities are required. These facilities are normally manned by one or two Combat Paramedics (Ops Medics) and have a limited evacuation capability.

  • Mobile Clinic. This capability is very popular because it can deploy from a standing Clinic or camp to wherever a service is required. Although its capabilities are limited to Primary Healthcare, it has limited Trauma capabilities. This service is very flexible in the type of service depending on the requirement.

On-Field Support

  • Emergency Response Teams (ERT). Ops Med PSC has highly qualified and experienced Emergency Technicians with Close Protection qualifications that is more than capable to support any On-Field Operation such as PSD Teams and Mobile Operations.

  • Primary Healthcare.  Our PHC Teams are a mobile unit (Ambulance) that deploys into Rural and Urban areas to render this service to the community. These teams also are equipped and trained to give informational talks such as HIV/AIDS, COVID-10, etc. These teams can also assist with Government and NGO immunisation initiatives.

  • Road Evacuations.  All our Trauma Staff and Paramedics highly qualified evacuation specialists, including Air Evacuations (Fixed- and Rotary Wings).

Air/Repatriation Evacuations

Ops Med PSC recognize that treatment and evacuation of patients are a high expectation of all clients and therefore we evaluate and plan our levels of treatment and evacuation lines (land and Air) in accordance with the world known “Golden Hour” Concept to make sure Patients have the best treatment available. Our Air Evacuation service provider is an expert in Air Ambulance protocols and with our highly qualified Air Evacuation Healthcare Teams, we provide a first-class service in this regard.


All the Employees, especially the Healthcare Professionals of Ops Med PSC that are deployed, are up to date with their training and certifications, including registration with regulating bodies that are internationally recognized.

Ops Med PSC also proud themselves of the first and only company that has planned and presented the Offshore Medic Course (OSM) in South Africa with the support of a UK Based accredited training company.

Pre-Deployment Training.  Ops Me PSC also assist our Clients by presenting Pre-Deployment Training to our staff and these training include Country Orientation, Culture and Religion sensitivity, Rules of Engagement, Ethics, Weapon Training, and many more.

Client Training. Ops Med PSC will provide in-deployment training to our Clients on a regular basis and these training will typical include Basic First Aid, Personal Hygiene, Environmental Health, and any subject the Client requires.

Project Specific Services

Ops Med PSC supports our Clients in providing other ecclesial services that contributes to the success of the project. These services include:

  • Occupational Health & Safety Inspections. Ops Med PSC staff will conduct monthly HSE Inspections in support of the HSE Manager and includes Fire Drill Procedures, Food and Kitchen Inspections, etc.

  • Hygiene Inspections. Monthly inspections will be conducted on the Camp Hygiene to prevent disease spreading and to improve living conditions. These inspections will go hand-in-hand with training.

  • Emergency Evacuation/Response Plan. Ops Med PSD, who are an integral part of this plan, will support in exercising this plan on a regular basis and re-evaluate the plan should the Threat changes.