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Ops Med PSC

Our Vision

Ops Med PSC is a leading Healthcare Service Provider through our Professional and tested Healthcare Integrated User Systems.

Mission Statement

We believe that Ops Med PSC, as a Healthcare Service Provider, has the responsibility to our clients to provide and manage Integrated Healthcare User Systems through service excellence in a dedicated supporting environment, no matter where, when and what the conditions are.



A Bit of Background

OPS Med Personnel Supply Company (PSC) is a South African based Company that prides itself by providing Governments and Private Industries with Internationally Qualified Healthcare Professionals, including Management and Support Services as part of an Integrated User System.

OPS Med PSC recruits, train/retrain, prepare, and mobilize identified personnel in accordance with the task on hand and ensure the professional deployment of the teams into the area of operations. The flow of operations is commanded and controlled by mainly retired South African Senior Military Veterans with vast Healthcare experience on all management levels. Most of the deployed personnel in the field are Military and Healthcare Veterans, ensuring a high-level disciplined workforce that are adaptable to work in hostile environment and harsh conditions. All members are vetted to ensure that their qualifications, physical health, and background is in accordance with the specific requirements of our clients.

The Healthcare Infrastructures (various levels of Clinics), Mobile Units, all our Equipment and the Medication & Drugs are of First World Quality. Our replenishment lines and processes of Drugs, Medication and Medical Consumables are guaranteed with minimum to no delays.

Ops Med PSC utilises a well-developed, tested and proven planning process to develop minimum risk health support plans by undertaking thorough Appreciations, Threat Analysis and Risk Assessments before providing our Clients with a Proposal that guarantees a professional service that is cost effective.



Ops Med PSC offers various Healthcare Services according to the need of our Clients, either specific services or a combination of services as an Integrated Healthcare User System that includes:

Emergency Vehicles

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